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State records guidelines and recordkeeping advices

TAHO sets guidelines for the efficient management of state records.  These apply to all records created by Tasmanian State and Local government and detail the requirements for the creation, maintenance and use of these records.

Our ongoing review program provides for new and updated guidelines and information management advice so that our products are relevant, timely, identify emerging gaps and ensure stakeholder feedback is incorporated into revised products.


Guideline: a defined set of Standards for recommended practice, that agencies must comply with issued by the State Archivist. It is the duty of the relevant authority to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the guidelines are complied with.

Advice: advice to Agencies on current recordkeeping issues.

Template: an outline of a document including explanatory text providing direction to the author.

Checklist: a comprehensive list of relevant actions, or steps to be taken in a specific order.

Endorsed tools: tools endorsed by TAHO for use by Government Agencies.

Appraisal, retention and disposal

Digital Continuity

Information Management and Recordkeeping Systems

Information Security


Legal acceptance and certification of records

Management of digital records

Other Tools

Outsourcing and Privatisation

Physical storage and preservation of records

Retrieval of records

Source records

Transferring records

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