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Transfer and Disposal of Records

A key component of the efficient and effective management of records by an agency is to know how long the records they create should be retained and when they should be disposed of.

Transfer of Records

Records identified as having 'permanent' status in a disposal schedule should be transferred to TAHO 25 years after action is completed.
Agencies may make application to TAHO for earlier transfer of a particular group of records for example if they are ceasing to exist as a government entity or if the records are of particular cultural significance. Contact us for appraisal.
Limitations on available storage space means that it is highly unlikely that TAHO would accept general administrative records earlier than transfer date.
Records for transfer must be packed in archival quality acid free boxes or suitable packaging so that they will have the best protection against deterioration. These boxes can be purchased from these specialist suppliers. See State Records Guideline No 2. Retention and Disposal of State Records.

Disposal of Records

Disposal is the process by which records of Tasmanian agencies are either destroyed or transferred as State archives.

Disposal and Retention Schedule

TAHO approves and issues Retention and Disposal Schedules providing agencies the authority to dispose of state records. These may be issued to particular organisations for use (disposal and retention schedules) or issued for use by all public sector organisations or organisations within particular sector e.g. local councils, or public health services (generic disposal and retention schedules) see State Records Guideline No 2. Retention and Disposal of State Records.

Disposal Authorisation

Disposal Authorisations are one off permission to dispose of a type or series of records in the absence of an authorised disposal and retention schedule. These can be issued by the State Archivist, contact us for advice. Recordkeeping Advice No. 10 provides advice about the disposal of unscheduled records.

The importance of Tasmanian government agencies having in place comprehensive retention and disposal authorities and regularly implementing them is critical to good records management.