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Law and government 

Find books and eresources relating to Australian and Tasmanian law and government information.

Related websites

  • Tasmanian Law Handbook - an introduction to the application of law in Tasmania covering housing, government, community and criminal law.
  • Tasmanian legislation online - everything from traffic regulations to boundary fences.
  • Tasmanian Government Gazette - full-text from 2008 onwards (with indexes). 
  • Tasmanian Parliament -  Hansard debates; bills, papers and other documents; history; procedures; governors; and members' contact details.
  • ComLaw - all commonwealth legislation.
  • Austlii - full text decisions of many Australian courts and tribunals; the Consumer handbook online; full articles from online law journals; legislation of all Australian states and territories.
  • Tasmanian Government organisations - an A-Z listing including entry points for Tasmanian local government bodies and all Australian state, territory and Commonwealth governments. 

Premium eresources

APAIS Full-text 

Articles exploring politics, government and policy across all sectors of Australian society.