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Drawing the Line: Tasmania on the map

An exhibition of fascinating maps from LINC Tasmania's Heritage Collections.

Come on a journey from the fanciful to the inspired, from history to the modern day. Explore depictions of Tasmania, our island on the edge of the world, where every inch of every map tells a story. This beautiful exhibition invites you to ponder the mapping of Tasmania and asks is what you see Myth or reality? Art or science? Boundary or connection?

A physical exhibition was held at the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts  from the
18 May 2006 - 30 September 2006.

This exhibition was presented as part of the nationwide celebration of Australia on the Map 1606-2006.

See also the national Australia on the Map exhibition.





Plan de la baie de L'Adventure (Adventure Bay)

Field plan of movements of the military

Health map : location of diseases

Asiae pars Australis...





Plan van de Avontuur-Baai aan Van Diemens-Land

City of Hobart - sketch plan showing proposed sewerage

Map of Hobart Town

A map of Stanley...





Map of the settled part of Van Diemen's Land...

Victoria - Tasmania air service

Polus Antarcticus

Orchard sites on River Tamer