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Online Indexes to Tasmanian Newspapers


  • TROVE digitised historical newspapers

About Trove

Trove is a search resource for material held in Australian libraries and provides immediate access to material which is accessible online. One of the major components of Trove is a database of digitised Australian newspapers from the earliest times possible until 1954. The articles in these newspapers have been converted using optical character recognition software and are all fully searchable.

Trove includes a wide range of Tasmanian newspapers from Hobart, Launceston and the North West Coast. New content is continually being added.

Local indexes

About local indexes

LINC Tasmania began indexing the major Tasmanian daily newspapers The Mercury, The Examiner and The Advocate, and most other Tasmanian journals and regional newspapers in 1966. Most articles are indexed, but there are some exclusions (including routine sport reports and results, and reports of court proceedings). The index also includes some earlier newspaper references, as well as references to the contents of a few important early Tasmanian publications such as John West's History of Tasmania (1852 - abbreviated as 'WT') and the Cyclopedia of Tasmania (1900 - abbreviated as 'CT [1900]' and 1931 - abbreviated as 'CT [1931]'), and Prominent Tasmanians (1924 - abbreviated as 'PT'). From 1966 to 1994 the index was maintained on cards, and the index cards for this period have been digitised.

In June 1994 a new digital index was begun. This index also incorporates about fifty thousand records transferred from the older card index; an index of references to buildings in a wide range of books about Tasmania's built heritage; and an index of references to Tasmanian artists and architects in nineteenth-century newspapers. This index was closed at the end of 2010.

Access online indexes and databases of Tasmanian newspapers from 2010

Printed indexes to Tasmanian newspapers

There are many printed indexes to Tasmanian newspapers, most of them compiled by family history societies and containing mainly references to births, deaths, marriages and similar events. Some of these also index particular subjects such as World War 1 and 2 photographs and obituaries. These are held in libraries around Australia. If you are unable to get access to them you can ask us to undertake a search on your behalf. Please indicate who you are searching for and the index you would like us to search.  However some of those indexes - those up to 1954, at least - have now been superseded by the TROVE newspaper database.

Wayn Index to early Tasmanian newspapers 

Wayn index to early Tasmanian newspapers is an index to (early) Tasmanian Government Records and Colonial newspapers. Miss Amelia Wayn who began the index in the 1920s to 1940s used various idiosyncracies in her headings, sub-headings and numberings on the index cards. The abbreviations she used are briefly described in the system of arrangement for this series.

Miss Wayn's references to the newspapers are generally self explanatory with the exception of H.T.G. which refers to the Hobart Town Gazette. You will find most of the newspapers that Miss Wayn references in the newspapers made available online by TROVE.

Whitfeld index - a selective personal name index for 19th century Northern Tasmania

A selective index of personal names found in Tasmanian colonial newspapers, 1816-1900. There are a few entries for the years after 1900. The main emphasis is on the names of members of early settler and eminent families, though the scope is sometimes wider. The main data recorded are for births, deaths and marriages, wills and bequests, land grants and property sales. There is a small subsection of topical and geographic subject entries.