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Official gazetted documents

THE series of this Part of the Record Group are to a great extent duplicated in print in the Hobart Town Gazette and in the Proclamations, Government Orders and Notices; for a compilation of official notices etc. from 1816 to 1826, see GO43.

An important feature of these manuscript volumes of official gazetted documents is the index which each of those of CSO55 carries.

GOVERNMENT ORDERS AND NOTICES 12 May 1824 - 18 June 1828, 3 January 1829 - 29 May 1830 7 vols. 31 cm.


These are manuscript copies of official notices in the Gazette, entered for record purposes into a letterbook and signed (in most cases) personally by the Colonial Secretary, whose function it was to see to their publication. Any Government and General Orders appearing in the Gazette were to be "considered as Official Communications, and obeyed accordingly by the respective persons to whom they may have reference".53 The range of documents included is wide: proclamations, Acts of Council, Instructions for officers in charge of convict ships, land grant regulations, Garrison orders, invitations for tenders; and the range of subjects covered is almost without limit.

Vol. 2 overlaps vol. 1, and to some extent duplicates it. Government Notices and Government Orders begin to be numbered in separate annual series from January 1828. Government Notices in general publish information, and Government Orders convey directions, though this distinction is not always consistently followed. Each volume has its own index to both personal names and subjects, with sub-entries for multiple entries under one heading. The series was apparently discontinued in 1830.

GOVERNMENT ORDERS AND NOTICES AND OTHER PAPERS ORDERED TO BE PRINTED IN THE GAZETTE January - December 1837, December 1838 - June 1841, March 1844 - June 1845 8 vols. 40 cm.


These documents differ from those described in the previous series only in that they are the originals, sent to the Government Printer and returned with the proofs for checking; and that they include many detailed lists not included in CSO55. The first two volumes (i.e., up to December 1838) have registers of contents, giving date of document, type of document, subject. The remainder have no finding aids apart from their generally chronological order. The chief usefulness of the series would be as a check on the accuracy of the printed version of the document.

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