Find out about our organisational structure, legislative frameworks and advisory boards.

Organisational structure

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LINC Tasmania is part of the Department of Education in Tasmania. 

We are a state-wide network of library services, community learning, adult literacy and the State’s archives and heritage services. Our Director reports to the Secretary, Department of Education.  

Our executive senior managers support the Director to provide strategic leadership.  This includes keeping up to date with developments in the library, archives and adult learning.

Community Learn​​ing

We facilitate lifelong learning opportunities for ​​Tasmanians.

Lite​racy Services

As part of Tasmania's 26TEN network, we

  • ​​Support reading, writing and maths skill development for Ta​smanian adults and families
  • Encourage greater awareness of literacy skill issues, including the importance of plain English

Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office (TAHO)

Led by the State Archivist, the Office

  • Collects, manages and preserves Tasmania's cultural and documentary heritage, including our state records
  • Provides Tasmanians a greater understanding of their history
  • Regulates Tasmanian state and local government record creation and preservation in line with the Archives Act (1983)

Information services and ​​​access

Incorporating the State Library of Tasmania, we provide state reference library and public lending library services to all Tasmanians by

  • Enabling Tasmanians' access to information and research services

  • Managing our library collections and their access

Regional services

Libraries and online access centres around the state deliver LINC Tasmania services and resources.

Digital strategy and support services

We support digital citizenship and deliver many resources and services online. We help facilitate client access to our services and resources.

Legislative framework

We operate under the provisions of the Libraries Act (1984) and the Archives Act (1983)​.

  • The Libraries Regulation 2012 provides more detail on legal obligations relating to our library services.

  • The Archives Regulations 2014 governs Tasmanian state records activities and obligations. 

​​About privacy and personal information.​

Advisory boards and committees

There are three main groups established under the Libraries Act 1984 that support our work in delivering services.

Tasmanian Library Advisory Board

The Tasmanian Library Advisory Board (TLAB) is a voluntary, independent advisory group established under the Libraries Act 1984.  The Board’s role is to advise the Minister and the Secretary on issues concerning the delivery of our services in Tasmania, in particular, the public's right of access to information and ideas.  The Board meets four times per year.


  • Ms Mary Bent (Chairperson)
  • Dr Mark Briggs​
  • Ms Jan Butler
  • Ms Sue Chapple
  • Councillor Dick Adams
  • Ms Amanda Davison
  • Ms Jen Fitzgerald
  • Alderman Sandra French AM
  • Ms Hilary Schofield
  • Dr Dianne Snowden
  • Ms Kay Thompson
  • Alderman James Walker
  • Ms Liz Jack, Director (LINC Tasmania)

To make contact with the Board please telephone (03) 6165 5559

Meeting ​​​Dates 

  • Thursday 15 March 2018
  • Thursday 14 June 2018
  • Thursday 13 September 2018
  • Thursday 6 December 2018

​Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts Management ​​Committee 

The Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts Management Committee is established under the Libraries Act 1984 and administers funds and property of the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts and of the Allport Bequest.  In doing so, it gives effect to the provisions of the will of the late Henry Allport.​


  • Mr Tim Bugg (Chairperson) (Trustee of the will of Henry Allport)
  • Mrs Amanda Wojtowicz (nominated by the Trustees of the will of Henry Allport)
  • Mr Cobus Van Breda (Ministerial nominee with knowledge or expertise in rare books or fine arts)
  • Dr A V (Tony) Brown (Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Board of Trustees nominee)
  • Ms Liz Jack

State Library a​nd Archives Trust  

The State Library and Archives Trust is established by the Libraries Act 1984 to administer any property acquired by the trust through gift, bequest or device for the advancement of library and/or archives knowledge in Tasmania. 

The trust awards grants scholarships aimed at assisting the professional development of librarians, archivists, and library and archives workers. For further information please email​​ ​.

Sir John Morris Memorial Trus​​t Fund

Offers grants to workers in library, archives, literacy support services and related fields in Tasmania.  It supports:

  • research work in library, archives and related fields 
  • lecture tours, conferences, workshops or seminars likely to advance knowledge in library, archives and related fields in Tasmania 
  • exchange schemes for workers in relevant areas

The State Library and Archives Trust considers grant applications in May and November each year.  The 2017-18 approved budget has been fully expended. Further applications will only be supported if they are considered to be a high priority


  • Ms Mary Bent - Chairperson (and Chairperson of the Tasmanian Library Advisory Board)
  • Ms Catherine Saunders ​ (Ministerial appointee)
  • Mr Ross Latham (State Archivist) 
  • Ms Liz Jack (Director, LINC Tasmania)
  • Ms Gaylene Cunningham (Office of Public Trustee)

Meetings are held in Hobart on the last Thursday in May and November.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​