Strategic plan

Our Vision

​​Informed, skilled and connected Tasmanians

Our Mission

​To provide every child, young person and adult in Tasmania with the opportunity to continue to learn and reach their potential, to lead fulfilling and productive lives and to contribute positively to the community.

​​​​Our Values


​We inspire and support the pursuit of lifelong learning and aspire to be a learning organisation.


​We are committed to excellence in service delivery through the high quality of our people, programs, and our resources.


We are committed to removing barriers so that all Tasmanians can access our services.

Freedom of Information

​We provide free and confidential access to information that is inclusive of a diverse range of ideas and beliefs.


We achieve growth and strength through partnerships and connections with our clients, our communities and the world.

​Our Objectives

​​Informed Tasmanians

  • ​​Provide free access to information resources, and support in their use.
  • Preserve and make available Tasmania's documentary heritage to inform current and future generations.
  • Work with Tasmanian government agencies to ensure the proper creation, management, storage, preservation and accessibility of government information.

​Skilled Tasmanians

  • Help adults and families develop and maintain the skills they need for work and life.
  • Encourage and facilitate lifelong learning.
  • Coordinate and promote a state-wide effort to improve adult literacy and numeracy and promote plain English through 26TEN.

Connected Tasmanians

  • Provide spaces where all community members feel safe, comfortable, welcome and included.
  • Extend LINC Services through online delivery.
  • Equip individuals and groups with what they need to access and use digital information and communication technologies.
  • Engage with our community to ensure services and systems meet and anticipate changing client needs.

Innovative organisation

  • Attract, create and retain a qualified, motivated and innovative workforce.
  • Value health and wellbeing of our staff through targeted programs across the organisation.
  • Engage and motivate our volunteer workforce using best practice volunteer management principles.
  • Provide opportunities for professional learning, coaching and mentoring opportunities for aspiring, newly appointed and experienced leaders.
  • Strengthen a culture of respectful workplaces based on an understanding of, and compliance with, the Department's behavioural expectations.
  • Develop partnerships with community, business, government and industry to raise the profile of LINC Tasmania and help us deliver services for Tasmanians.

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