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Support for information professionals

Find out about the State Library Archives Trust and the Sir John Morris Memorial Trust Fund and Travelling Scholarship.

Professional organisations

Taslib-link is an email forum established to facilitate communication across the Tasmanian library and information community.

Anyone with an interest in the library and information profession in Tasmania, from any library arena (public, education, private) is welcome to join and contribute to Taslib-link. Conversation topics include

  • professional learning opportunities (meetings & conferences)
  • issues and developments relating to library services
  • electronic resources
  • information literacy
  • library management.

Once subscribed, Taslib-link members can read and post messages to the forum using their personal email accounts.


Send an email with no subject or message to:

You will receive a confirmation email welcoming you to Taslib-link.


Send an email with no subject or message by clicking on the unsubscribe address that features in the footer of all Taslib messages


Send an email with no subject or message to:

Only subscribed list members can post messages to Taslib-link.

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Enter a subject line prefix (if appropriate) from the list below:

ADMIN:  Message from Taslib-link coordinator
COLL DEVT:  Collection development, resource management, resource sharing
COMM:  Commercial product or service
JOBS: Employment opportunities
PL: Professional learning opportunities
PY10:  Post year 10-focused content
SCHOOLS:  School-focused content
WHATS ON:  events and activities

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Only subscribed list members can reply to Taslib-link messages. Email replies to Taslib-link messages are sent by default only to the person who posted the original message. Replies sent to messages accessed in the web archive are sent by default to all Taslib members.

  • Think before you send - once a message has gone it cannot be retrieved!
  • Members posting inappropriate messages will be immediately removed from the list.
  • Include a subject and add a subject line prefix where appropriate. Any commercially-focused messages must contain the COMM subject line prefix.
  • End your message with an email signature or​ details of your name, email address and institution.

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If you have any queries relating to Taslib-link, please send an email to:

Taslib-link is coordinated by:

Jane Hofto​
Systems Librarian - Education
Systems Support and Delivery
Ph: 6165 5525

Michelle Baillie​
Systems Librarian
Systems Support and Delivery
Ph: 6165 5555

Use of personal information is governed by the Personal Information Protection policy of the Government of Tasmania.