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Borrow Tasmanian music from our lending collection Tasmanian​ music to borrow​

Music from our lending collections by, about or recorded in Tasmania​.​​

Find Tasmanian music scores and read tehm online Tasmanian musical scores

Online printable musical scores by, about, or originally collected by Tasmanians.

Listen to audio from our archives at the HObart Reading Room ​Finding audio in archives​

Listen to audio from our archival collections​​ in the Hobart Reading Room​.  ​Find audio by using the keyword "audio" and what you are looking for in the description​ field ​of an item search.​​​​​ ​

Tasmanian Audio Online - SoundCloudTasmanian audio online​

Our SoundCloud account is growing all the time.  Listen to interviews​​​ with a World War 1 veteran and piano concertos by Eileen Joyce.​
Audio is increasingly available through our website, including these interviews​ with Tasmanian war correspondent Neil Davis.

Borrow Tasmanian films from your lo​cal library​

View Tasmanian archives and heritage DVDs for sale​.​​

​View ​​films not online in the History Room

Ask us​ if you wish to view these films at other library locations.​ Note: Some films cannot be viewed due to their format.  These have "no viewing copy" in the​ item description​. 

​Finding film in archives

Choose from thousands of films not available online. Use the k​eyword "film" and what you are looking for in the description field of an item search. Cho​o​se "Boolean query".

​Our YouTube Channel​

Explore our large collection of films, including profession​ally pro​duced films and amateur movies. You can access many of them online through our YouTube Channel.​​​