Records on Tasmanian Aboriginals

There are references to Aboriginal people in many government agency records but only a few series of records specifically about Tasmanian Aborigines.​

Tracing Aboriginal Ancestry is generally the same as for any family in Tasmania, there is guidance on documenting Aboriginal descent, and some specific issues to keep in mind.

What’s available online?

What else is available?​

Records of government administration with a focus on Aboriginal matters

Tasmania did not have an agency with specific responsibility for Aborigines between 1833 and the 1970’s.

Some specific series of records relating to Aboriginal matters

General government administration records

Records from agencies providing a service to the whole Tasmanian community will include some records relating to Aboriginal people.  For example:

What other resources might be useful?​

Library resources on the history of Tasmanian Aborigines. Try particularly:

There are very few records from before 1824.  For this period, try:

For records post 182​​4: the Colonial Secretary​’s Office later Chief Secretary’s Department. The earlier records of the Premiers Office can be useful.

What can I find from other organisations?

Tasmanian Office of Aboriginal Affairs within the Department of Premier and Cabinet​​​​