Records relating to child migrants

This is a list of records which contain information about post war child migrants. 

All case files and indexes listed here have either a 50 or 75 year access restriction. If you require access to restricted records, you should apply to: The Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services, 34 Davey Street, Hobart Tasmania 7000. For access to the records of the then State Immigration Office​ or the Fairbridge Drake Society you should contact us.

The records of the State Immigration Office document the nomination and arrival of the child migrant.  Records created after their arrival are in the case files of the Department of Social Welfare. The relevant series are:

Department of Social Welfare 

State Immigration Office

Department of Social Welfare

Fairbridge Drake Society

The Fairbridge Society home for orphaned British migrant children and/or migrant children with one parent living. It was established at Exeter, Northern Tasmania in 1957. The home was closed in 1976. In 1991 the Tasmanian records of the society (NS1438) were deposited in the Archives Office. Access to the records is restricted for 75 years.  British records of the Society are housed at the University of Liverpool. Among the records is a Family register 1958 – 1976 and 13 case files c 1965 - 1976 1925 - 1977.

What can I find from other organisations?

National Archives of Australia ​