Explore archival records on Tasmanian lighthouses.  Records cover Tasmanian lighthouses from the 1832 station at Iron Pot in the Derwent Estuary up to 1915, when responsibility for lighthouses was transferred to the Commonwealth Government.

What is online?

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These are the more significant records relating to Lighthouses.

Archival records of Tasmanian lighthouses are not available online but can be requested in person. Please use the unique series identifier (e.g. AB830) when requesting these records.

General records

Logbooks, reports and returns from lighthouses

1846-1934 Correspondence with and returns and reports from lighthouse keepers ​(MB2/5) ​

These include:

  • Bruny Island
  • Cape Wickham (King Island)
  • Derwent (Iron Pot)
  • Emu Bay
  • Goose Island
  • Kents Group
  • Low Head
  • Maatsuyker Island
  • Macquarie Heads
  • Mersey Bluff
  • Swan Island
  • Table Cape
  • Tasman

​1852-1886 Logbook returns sent in from lighthouse keepers 1852-1886 (AB760) 


  • Bruny Island
  • Cape Bruny
  • Currie harbour (King Island)
  • Deal Island (Kent Group)
  • Derwent (Iron Pot)
  • Emu Bay
  • Goose Island
  • Kents Group
  • Low Head
  • Oak Point
  • Swan Island​

​​Logbook kept at Macquarie Inner Lighthouse 1894-1908, 1910-1912 (MB3/28)

Journal of Henry W Kendrick, Lighthouse keeper, Table Cape Jun – Oct 1895 (NS1470)

​​Employment records

1858-1902 Record of men employed in the Lighthouse Service arranged by Station (AE478)​

Other photo​​​s and plans of lighthouses not digiti​sed​

Public Works Depar​​tment records

  • Bruny Lighthouse (PWD266/1196 & PWD266/1197)
  • Cape Sorell (PWD266/2434)
  • Eddystone Point (PWD266/2450)
  • For other lighthouse plans, see the Plan Card Index in the Hobart Reading Room.
  • Lighthouse Keeper - a film about the life of the lighthouse keeper and his family on Maatsuyker Island in about 1950 (AC672/1/111)


  • The first lighthouse in Tasmania was erected on Iron Pot Island at the mouth of the Derwent River, in 1832.
  • In 1825 a special Pilotage and Harbour Dues Committee recommended the erection of a lighthouse on the “Pot” – the expense to be defrayed by a small tax on traders.
  • From 1824 to 1858 the Port Officer had responsibility for the lighthouses. See the records of the Colonial Secretary’s Office under the headings of Lighthouses, Port Officer and the names of the individual lights.
  • In 1858 the Hobart Marine Board was constituted by an Act of Parliament.  The Act vested the control, management and maintenance of the lighthouses to the Board.
  • The Commonwealth Government took over responsibility for administration of lighthouses in 1915.  The National Archives holds many records relating to lighthouses.

The records listed are the most significant related to lighthouses. Search the archives for more.

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