Book Groups Tasmania Catalogue

This guide covers

Log In

You need to log in to the Book Groups Search to place holds (see Placing Holds) and access My Lists (see My Lists).

This can be done anytime from the top menu.


Or when you first place a hold (see Placing Holds) or access My Lists (see My Lists).

When you are logged into Search, the name of your group will display on the top menu.


The My Library login is currently not connected to the Search login and therefore when you access My Library you will need to login again - see My Library.



At any time you can clear your search and start your search again by clicking the reset icon (1).

Enter your search into the search box and press the Enter key or click the search icon (2).

You can search All Fields or select Authors, Titles, Subject or Series from the drop-down (3).

You can search for a single word or multiple words or a phrase.

If you want an exact phrase you may need to surround the phrase with double quotation marks if the words are commonly used.

Search examples:

  • women
  • mother grenville
  • "other side of the world"

Limiting your results


The categories to the left of your results can be used to limit your results.

You can re-sort by Year, Title or Author.

The Author, Fiction/Non-Fiction and Topic categories are expanded.

The other categories can be expanded by clicking the + icon.

For each expanded category the top 5 limits display.

To select a limit(s), click the checkbox(es) and click the Select button.


Titles can be removed from your results by clicking the Ignore button.

If there are more than 5 limits, all can be displayed by selecting View All (4).

Options may be sorted A to Z and the required limits selected or ignored.

Often there are multiple listings for the same entry in the Limit lists due to ending punctuation or typing errors. This is very common in the Author lists and it is recommended you always View All and sort alphabetically to check for all variations.

Year limits

The Year category always displays 5 limits.

When you select a range, the years are split into 5 more limit ranges allowing you to continue to drill down until single years display.



The default sort for all results is by relevence. You can use the drop-down to change the sort.


Select an Action


You can select titles on your results page by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the images or you can select all titles on the page by clicking the select all checkbox (5).


The Select an Action drop-down allows you to perform actions on your selected titles.

  • Place a hold on the title – see Placing holds
  • Add the title to a list – see My Lists
  • Email the title
  • Change to a print friendly browser view

Full Title Detail


Click on the image or title in your search results to view the full title detail.


Clicking the blue links will perform a new search for the words in that link.

For example, a subject search for "Mothers – Australia – Biography" or an author search for "Grenville, Kate"

The action icons (6) allow you to:

  • Change to a print friendly browser view
  • Email the title
  • Add the title to a list – see My Lists
  • Place a hold on the title – see Placing holds

Click Permalink to display the unique web address for this title which you can bookmark in your browser.

The full detail display can display an additional 4 tabs.

Library Thing tab

Library Thing ( is an online service providing tags, related and similar titles, reviews, and ratings.

You are able to add your own personal review of a title to Library Thing.

Summary tab

Some titles display an additional description of the title in the Summary tab.

Google Preview tab

Some titles display a preview of the title in Google Preview tab.

Library View tab

The full library MARC record is displayed in the Library View tab.

Searching using Search Limits


You do not need to enter a search term or phrase to commence your search

Click the reset icon (1) to clear any of your searches and then click the search icon (2).

All titles will display in your search results and you can use the search limits to limit your results.


For example, click on the Fiction/Non Fiction Non-fiction limit to return all non-fiction titles.

You could then expand the Region category.

Click View All, sort A to Z and select the Tasmanian titles.

Placing Holds


Once your group has selected the titles you wish to read, you need to place a hold on the titles. Your group is able to have 100 holds at any time and it is recommended you continue to select titles during the year to ensure a set is available for every meeting.

You can place a hold on a single title at the search result scree.

or at the full detail screen

You can place holds on muliple titles by selecting the titles using the checkboxes to the left of the images and selecting Place Hold(s) from the Select an Action drop-down.

If you are not logged into the Book Groups Search catalogue you will be prompted to login. The title or titles will display with Book Groups Tasmania as the Pickup Location. This pickup location can’t be changed and is not associated with the library you collect/return your sets from/to.


Click the Place Hold(s) button. The system will tell you if the hold(s) was successfully placed.

Click the OK button to return to your search.


My Library


Within the Book Groups Search you can access My Library from the top menu.

You will be prompted to login even if you are already logged into the Search.

My Library opens on a new browser tab allowing you to easily switch back to your Search tab.

The Account Summary tab provides a summary of your group’s loans, holds and membership fees. It also allows you to change your password.

If you accessed My Library from a LINC webpage or bookmark you can access the Search by clicking on the Search Book Groups Catalogue link (7).

Loans and Renewals tab

Displays the current title issued to your group, its due date and when it was despatched from Hobart.


Holds tab

Displays your current holds. Holds may be cancelled by ticking the checkbox(es) and clicking the “Cancel selected holds” button. Clicking the title will open the title’s full detail record on your Search browser tab.

Membership Fees tab

Displays your outstanding membership fees.


Select the fee you wish to pay, click the Pay selected button, enter your credit card details and click Pay Now. Note – card expiry date must be entered as numbers only i.e. 0616 and not 06/16.


My Lists


Lists allow you to keep and organise titles you may be interested in selecting in the future.

There is no limit to the number of lists that you can create and no limit on the number of titles you can have in each list. You could have a list for every member to add their recommendations for the group.

To access My Lists, login (see Log In) and then click on the My Lists link on the top menu.

If you access My Lists without logging in, you will be taken to your Temporary List which will contain any titles you have saved during your current session. It is recommended you always Log In (8) to My Lists and create/save lists as your temporary list will be cleared when you log out or if you are not logged in and there has been no activity in the browser for 10 minutes.

Creating/Deleting a list

Create a new list by clicking on the Add List icon (9).


Enter a name that describes your list and click the Create button. Note, you cannot rename a list so make sure you enter the name you want. If you wish to change the name, you will need to create a new list and then move your titles from the old list to the new list.

To delete a list, select the list and click the Delete List icon (10).

Adding a title to My Lists

It is recommended you login (see Log In) prior to adding titles to lists

Selected titles can be added through the Select an Action drop down menu from the listing of search results.

Select a list pop-up box displays and you can then choose your list from the drop down list which will display all your saved lists. Clicking the Add button will then add the title to your chosen list.

Click the Add button and the titles will be added to you chosen list.

You can also add to lists at the title's full detail screen.

Managing My Lists

You can re-arrange your saved lists by using the move icon (11) to drag and drop your titles or you can use the Arrange By drop-down to arrange your lists alphabetically or by the date/time you created the lists

Managing and actioning titles within the lists

To view a saved list, click on the list name to open the list.

Clicking on the title or image will allow you to view the title’s full detail title.

You can select titles to action by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the images or you can select all titles in your list by clicking the select all checkbox (5). You can use Select an Action to

  • Place Holds -  adds the selected title(s) to your holds list. Note placing a holds DOES NOT remove the title from your list – you will need to manually delete (see below)
  • Save Temporary List – if you are viewing a temporary list you can save this list and choose a name for it. Recommended you do not use your temporary list
  • Delete Selected – removes selected titles from your list. A window will appear to confirm that you do want to remove the titles. Select delete to confirm or cancel to go back
  • Email – this option will allow you to email the selected titles in your list to an email address of your choice. In the pop-up box, enter the email address and subject, then click Send Email
  • Print – this option will let you print the selected titles in your list. The titles will display on a new page in a printable format. You will need to select the print from the web browser that you are using.
  • Move – this option will let you move selected titles to another list. Once you select this option, a pop up box will appear asking which list you would like the titles moved to.
  • Copy – this option will let you copy selected titles to another list. Once you select this option, a pop up box will appear asking which list you would like the titles copied to.

You can re-arrange your saved lists by using the move icon (11) to drag and drop your titles or you can use the Arrange By drop-down to arrange your list alphabetically or by the date/time they were added to the list