My Account


​There are four tabs in My Account:

There is also a Summary box

​​​​​​​​My Account screen


Clicking on a tab or the link in the Summary box (1) will open up that tab

​​Summary box

The summary box (1) gives you a summary of the number of items you currently have on loan, the number of titles you have on hold, the number of holds ready for pickup and any outstanding fees and charges.

The summary box also shows your user status:

  • OVERDUES/DEBTS indicates you either have overdue loans or an outstanding debt of less than $10. This status does not have any impact on your borrowing or placing holds.
  • BLOCKED indicates you either owe $10 or more in accruing fines or outstanding fees and charges. With this status you will still be able to place holds but if your actual debt is $10 or more (i.e. it isn't accruing fines) you will not be able to borrow until the debt is paid
  • BARRED indicates that staff have barred you from borrowing and placing holds. This may be due to an invalid address. You will need to contact your local library to be reinstated.
  • OK indicates you do not have any overdue or outstanding debts

The summary box status does not indicate if your membership has expired. Your expiry date (2) displays on the personal information tab. If your membership has expired, the expiry date field displays EXPIRED rather than a date and you will not be able to place holds, access eBooks, eAudio or eMagazines or borrow items. You need to contact your local library to confirm your contact information in order to extend your membership for another 2 years.

Alert icons (3&4) in the summary box or on the tabs indicate

  • Loans – you have overdue loans
  • Holds – you have a hold ready for pickup
  • Fees and charges – you have outstanding debts

​​​Personal information tab

The Personal Information tab has three sections:

User information - your name will appear as the heading

  • The User information section displays your personal contact information, expiry date and your home library
  • If any of the information is incorrect, please contact your local library or click the Change your contact details button to open our online form
  • If your membership has expired the expiry date (2) displays as EXPIRED and you will not be able to place holds, access eBooks, eAudio or eMagazines or borrow items. You need to contact your local library.

​Change Password/PIN

  • Click on the heading to open this section
  • Enter your current password and then your new password/pin (twice) and click Update
  • Note: The Password/PIN cannot be more than 10 characters in length and can be any combination of letters and/or numbers.


Click on the heading to open this section:


  • ​Default Tab lets you select which tab (Personal Information, Loans, Holds, or Fees and Charges) opens when you access My Account
  • Preferred List lets you select a default My List. When you select records to Add to My Lists and you have set a default list, the title is automatically added to that list. If you have not set a default list, Add to My Lists will prompt you to select a list – see My Lists help.
  • Preferred Pickup Location lets you select which library you wish to use as your default pickup location. You are still able to change your pickup location when you place a hold. This preference does not ​change your home location.

Click the Update button to save your preferences.

Note: your preferences may be changed as often as you wish.

​​​​Title ​lists


It is possible to sort the lists of titles displaying on the Loans, Holds and Fees and Charges tabs by clicking on the sort icon on each column heading. Click the icon once to sort ascending and click again to sort descending. ​​

You can click on the title or image of any item to view its full detail page. 

​​Loans tab

Displays your current loans. 

If the loan is overdue the alert icon displays

If you want to renew items, select the items you wish to renew by ticking the checkbox next to the image or select them all by using the Select All check box (6).

Click the Renew button.​


Click Yes to renew the loan.

If the title has unfilled holds, you will be unable to renew the loan.


​​​Holds tab

Displays your current holds. 


If you have any holds that are available for pickup, an alert icon will appear and the Pickup at column will display the date by which you need to pickup the item.

The status column will not indicate if an item is already in transit from another library to fill your hold.

You position in the holds queue displays in the last column.

In this tab, you can cancel a hold, edit a hold's pickup location (library), suspend a hold or cancel a suspension on a hold. To perform one of these actions, select the titles you wish to edit by ticking the checkbox next to the image or select them all by using the Select All check box (6). ​

Cancel Hold(s) button:

  • When you click this button, a window will open to confirm the cancellation
  • Click Yes to cancel the hold or No to go back

Edit Pickup Location(s) button:

  • When you click this button, a window will open where you can select the new pickup location from the drop-down list of pickup locations 


  • After selecting the new pickup library click Change to change the location or close the window by clicking on the X to cancel the change ​

Suspend Hold(s) button:

  • Suspending a hold ensures your hold will not become available during a nominated date range eg travelling out of the state. Once the unsuspend date is reached, the hold becomes active again. You do not lose your place in the holds queue whilst your hold is suspended.
  • When you click this button, a window will open with a calendar
  • Use the calendar to select the start date of the suspension and the end date of the suspension:​

  • Click Suspend to suspend the hold or Cancel to go back

  • A suspension icon will now display next to the suspended holds 

Cancel Hold Suspension button:

  • When you click this button, a window will open to confirm the cancellation.
  • Click Yes to cancel the hold suspension or No to go back.​

​​​Fees ​& charges tab​​

This tab has two sections: Accruing Fines and Current Fees and Charges.

The tab opens with the Current Fees and Charges section active and all outstanding debts selected.

An invoice can be displayed and printed by clicking the Display Printable Invoice button.



Select the debts you wish to pay and click the Pay Fees/Charges button (7)​


Enter your MasterCard or Visa credit card details and click OK to process with payment or Cancel to cancel the payment.

Accruing Fines

Click on the Accruing Fines heading to open this section and close th​e Current Fees and Charges section. If your loan is overdue, this section estimates the fee that will be charged if the loan is returned or renewed today: