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​​​Library Catalogue tab


The Library Catalogue tab searches the following resources:

​​​​​​Library Search - All lending, reference, heritage, Tasmanian and digital collections within LINC Tasmania

eBook, e​​Audio & eMagazines
    • eBooks and eAudio resources available for download from OverDrive
    • eComics available for download from Comics Plus
    • eMagazines available for download from Zinio
    • eFilms available for download from Beamafilm
​​Note: you need to be a LINC Tasmania member to download these resources

The following is covered in this help guide:

​​Lo​gging in


Login to:


If you are using a shared or public PC It is important to protect your ID and privacy by clicking Log Out as your membership information will be remembered. ​


At any time you can clear your search and start your search again by clicking the reset icon (1).

The first search drop-down allows you to choose 1 of the 2 resources in the Library Catalogue tab to search. 

It is often worthwhile to initially search everything as you may discover unexpected resources and you are easily able to limit your results to specific types of records (e.g. eBooks). ​


Enter your search into the search box and press the Enter key or click the search icon (2).

You can search for a single word or multiple words or a phrase.

If you want an exact phrase you may need to surround the phrase with double quotation marks if the words are commonly used.

Search examples:

  • murder
  • twilight dvd meyer
  • "wind in the willows"

​​​​Limiting your results

The categories to the left of your results can be used to limit your results: ​


The New (Last 30 days), Fiction, Availability, Format (Specific), Fiction Genre, Non Fiction Category and Library categories are expanded. 

The other categories can be expanded by clicking the + icon:


For each expanded category the top 5 limits display.

To select a limit(s), click the checkbox(es) and click the Select button: 



Records can be removed from your results by clicking the Ignore button​:



If there are more than 5 limits, all can be displayed by selecting View All (3). 

Options may be sorted A to Z and the required limits selected or ignored:



Multiple listings for the same entry

Often there are multiple listings for the same entry in the Limit lists due to ending punctuation or typing errors. This is very common in the Author lists.

For example, the top 5 Author entries contain Christie, Agatha 


However if you click View All and sort alphabetically to check for other variations you are able to select three
additional entries you would have missed if you hadn't viewed the full list of authors:


Year limits

The year category always displays 5 limits: 


When you select a range, the years are split into 5 more limit ranges allowing you to continue to drill down until single years display:​




​The default sort for all results is by relevance.

If your results are less than 1000 titles you can re-sort by Year, Title or Author​:


​​​​​Select an A​​​ction

​​You can select records on your results page by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the images or you can select all 12 records
on the page by clicking the select all checkbox (4)

The Select an Action drop-down allows you to perform actions on your selected records:

  • Add the record to a list – see My Lists help
  • Place a hold on the record – see Placing holds help
  • Email the record
  • Change to a print friendly browser view​

​​​​​​​​Full record detail

​​Click on the image or title of a record in your search results to view the full record: 



Clicking the blue links will perform a new search for the words in that link.
For example, a subject search for "Terrorists Fiction" or an author search for "Margolin Phillip"

If the record is part of the library catalogue the locations of library copies display (5)

The action icons (6) allow you to:

  • Change to a print friendly browser view
  • Email the record
  • Add the record to a list – see My Lists help
  • Place a hold on the record – see Placing holds help

Click Permalink to display the unique web address for this record which you can bookmark in your browser: ​


If the record in the search result is an eBook, eComin, eFilm, eAudio or eMagazine you will need to be a LINC Tasmania member to download the resource.

You can download the resource by clicking on Digital Download link on the search results page or on the full record view:


​​​​Full details tab

The full detail display can display an additional 5 tabs:


Library Thing tab

Library Thing ( is an online service providing tags, related and similar titles, reviews, and ratings.

You are able to add your own personal review of a title to Library Thing.


Summary tab

Some titles display an additional description of the title in the summary tab:


Google Preview tab

Some titles display a preview of the title in Google preview tab:


Library View tab

The full library MARC record is displayed in the Library View tab

User Comments tab​

You are able to add your own personal review of a title to the User Comments tab:

New titles

You do not need to enter a search term or phrase to commence your search.

Click the reset icon (1) to clear any of your searches and then click the search icon (2): ​


All records will display in your search results and you can use the search limits to limit your results to new titles.

by clicking on the NEW limit (7) ​:

All titles added in the previous 30 days display:


You could then select the Fiction Genre limit to select 281 new crime titles: ​



Or you could select the Non Fiction Category limit to select 71 new food/drink titles: 



Children and/or youth titles

​The Audience limit allows you t​o limit your results to Children and/or Youth titles by selecting your limit(s) and clicking the Select button:

​If you wish to exclude children/youth titles to ensure you are only displaying adult titles, click the Ignore button:

​​Foreign language titles

To display all titles in a specifi​​c language, click the reset icon (1) to clear any of your searches and then click the search icon (2) to return all items:


Scroll to the end of the page to see the search limit for Language​:


Select a language - click on View All if your language doesn't display in the top 5 languages 

Restricting to English

If a search has returned foreign language titles, select View All (8), click the select all checkbox (9) and click the Ignore button: ​