Arrival or departure

​Arrival, immigration and departure records from 1803-1900 include varying levels of detail. 

What is online?​

​Search and view many records in the Tasmanian Names Index​, including passengers arriving and departing Tasmania

Arrival records​ are currently being indexed, surnames A-L are online and surnames M-Z are on card indexes in the Hobart Reading Room.

Guides to immigration records

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What else is there?

Records used for information on immigrant arrivals

Agencies responsible for immigration

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People could have arrived in Tasmania as:

  • Unassisted passengers – they paid their own way
  • Assisted passengers – subsidised or paid for by an immigration scheme
  • Crew on a ship
  • Military
  • Convicts​​
Finding ancestors in early immigration records can be a challenge, especially if they arrive as free settlers in the 1800s.

Most records are for the Port of Hobart. Few records have survived from other ports. It can be worth checking passenger lists for other colonies such as South Australia and Victoria as ships carrying passengers to Tasmania often called there.

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