Life as a child in care

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What is online?

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Queens Orphan School

Launceston Benevolent Society

Other relevant records online

What else is there?

Archival records

You will find many references to clients through an online basic search. Records less than 75 years will not appear as access is restricted. This will find the following types of records quicker than searching each hyperlink below.

Indexes and registers are valuable because:

  • not all files have survived
  • they can provide a summary history of events.

Unrestricted community welfare finding aids:

Government Agencies

Non-Government Organisations​

Library resources


  • Always read How to Use Series instructions on the Series Details pages if intending to publish. There might be copyright limits.
  • Most records younger than 75 years are not accessible.
  • The Queens Orphan School cared for many children born to convict women or who accompanied their mothers on a convict ship. The children stayed at the School until their parents could care for them or they were old enough to work.

What can I find from other organisations?

We provide limited access to welfare records to ensure privacy is respected.

If you believe there are records on a family member, please apply to the Department of Health and Human Services for access.

The following organisations may also be of use.

Hobart Benevolent Society
27 Watchorn Street,
Hobart TAS 7000
(03) 6234 1296​

Uniting Care Tasmania has managed the Society since 2013.

Launceston Benevolent Society

Find & Connect Support Service Tasmania ​

Friends of the Orphan Schools​​​​​