School and education records

Find records of involvement in Tasmanian schools as students or employees.

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​​Employment records​

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Records about teachers and other Department of Education staff​​

    General Correspondence Files

    There are large gaps in some correspondence files.

    Not all correspondence has survived but the indexes, registers and letter books (ED13) can provide a potted history.

    Indexes - General correspondence

    References to schools in correspondence

    Registers of general correspondence

    Library resources

    Records from or about schools

    To locate a record from or about a particular school you can perform a basic search. For example, entering ‘Hagley Farm School’ produces not only records received from the School (‘Agency TA1456 Hagley Farm School’) but also records from other agencies such as Public Works Department plans, films and photographs. In this example the list is long. You can narrow the search by clicking the radio button, ‘Boolean Query’. Then you can search only for films by entering ‘Hagley Farm School and film’.

    What can I find from other organisations?