Work and employment

We g​​enerally hold records relating to employment when a person

  • was employed by the government
  • needed to obtain government certification for their employment
  • worked for an organisation that has deposited their private records with the Tasmanian Archive & Heritage Office.

If someone ran their own business, there may be company registration records.

What is online?

Health Practitioners

Registration of doctors and pharmacists

Nursing records

Inspection of machinery records

Copies of certificates of service as engineer in charge of mining

Copies of certificates of service as an operator ​of land engines

See the guide to railway employee records for more relevant records.

The Mercury newspaper

Public service


Guides covering employment records

What else is there?

Tasmanian Government Gazette on microfilm. Launceston Library has some extracts from the Gazette.

Searching for Government Employee records

To find records relating to employment within a specific government agency, search the archives by agency. Put in a word from the agency’s name in the title field. Physical records are not generally searchable by a person’s name online, but there are some paper indexes to some record series'

Health practitioners​​



Private companies

  • Some companies deposited their records with the Archives Office. To find records relating to employment within a private company, Search Archives by agency - put in a word from the company’s name in the title field. Two large companies we do hold employee records include the Mt Lyell Mining Company and the Van Diemen’s Land Company.

Published resources


  • The degree to which we hold employment records about a person depends on the type of employment they had. For many types of employment there are no individual records relating to that person.