​Character of the Blossom

​Current exhibition: Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts

25 September 2015 - 16 January 2016

This exhibition celebrates the work of Margaret Anderson Hope (1848-1934). She is now recognised as one of Tasmania's most important botanical artists. For a long time her work was overlooked. 

The Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts recently bought thirty six watercolours that Hope painted in the 1880s. All of the paintings are of native Tasmanian plants and flowers. The works are bold, vibrant and scientifically accurate. She had intended to publish them as a book, and had prepared a title page and detailed index. Yet mysteriously it was never published. 

Now, more than a hundred years later, we have collaborated with the Australian Garden History Society to publish the work for the first time in a limited edition book. It is a fascinating record of native colonial Tasmanian flora. We are delighted to honour the wishes of Margaret Hope by bringing her work to a larger audience. 

This exhibition shows all thirty six original watercolours. It also includes a series of unfinished sketches by Hope from a private collection. A rare decorative screen painted by Hope only just discovered at an auction will also be on display. ​

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