Unhoused: Encounters with the hidden in the Allport

Upcoming exhibition: Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts​

9 June – 30 September 2016

 An exhibition featuring work by Linda Fredheim, Julie Gough, Brigita Ozolins, Sally Rees and Elissa Ritson. Curated by Dr Emily Bullock.
The artists have responded to the Allport collection. They reflect on its haunted and hidden aspects. They consider what occurs when a private collection becomes public. 
Between nightmare, memory and imagination, Unhoused alters the visitor experience. The lights are low. The usually carefully ordered displays have been unsettled. Surprising objects have been unearthed. There is a sense of disturbance in the darkened rooms.
The work is installed in the main gallery and the room displays. It offers an alternative understanding of one of the most historically significant collections in Hobart.