Changes to archives search

Archives Search has moved to the discovery system we use for our library collections and the Tasmanian names index.  

The new archives search is familiar to anyone who has used our names index or library catalogue, although the search facets are different to suit archives.

Other advantages 

You can search across the whole archives collection or for specific items, series, agencies and functions.  You can also: 

  • Search across the library, names index, and archives in one search.
  • Use search facets to refine results and reveal aspects of the collection in new ways.
  • Keep lists of saved searches.

The system is:

  • Easier for those less familiar with archives searching.
  • Allows us to develop more improvements in the future

Improving system robustness

We have been developing these improvements for some time, but recent technical issues with our current system mean we had to make the transition as soon as possible. 

We plan that our old search system will continue in parallel to allow time to transition but please note the old system is at high risk of failure. Note our Archives Collection Management system is not affected.

What is changing and what is the same?

We have not lost functionality but the way that some things are done is changed. 

Tasmanian archives search replaces the Tasmanian Collections tab in our search interface.  You can search across everything using the Search everything tab, or search only archives records using the Tasmanian archives search tab.  Non-archival items that sat within the current Tasmanian collections search are in the Library catalogue.   

People can still navigate to archives search using the current routes, such as from the Tasmanian archives and heritage page.  

Use of facets to narrow searches

Consistent with the Names Index and Library catalogue, archives searching relies more on the facets to the left of the screen. 

That is, instead of specifying a date range, format etc initially, we 

  • search the topic, then 
  • limit the search using the facets. 

The facets make it much easier to refine common searches.   

Same archives terms and concepts 

Archives search results continue to show the relationships between items, series and agencies. 

Some archives records have access restrictions, which are easier to understand.  

It is also easier to search by year and narrow down searches.

Same item request path

The path for requesting an item also stays the same, although will soon look a little different as we update this form.

The data remains the same

Although it may look a little different, the data in our underying archives management system remains the same.  You should be able to complete all searches you did previously, and more.

We’re here to help you

As ever, our staff are here to help clients find records and information. Need help? Ask us.

Check out our detailed archives search help guide.   Watch out also for upcoming public training and information sessions.