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How can I view reports of shipping or marine incidents in Tasmania?

For example, Marine And Safety Tasmania (MAST) produced a report when the FV Tauronga ran aground off Tasmania in 2002 .

Created in 1997, MAST has taken over the regulatory and safety functions performed by the former Marine Boards.

MAST manages the safe operation of all recreational vessels in Tasmanian waters and of domestic commercial vessels (until July 2017 when the Australian Maritime Safety Authority will be responsible).

Owners of ships, boats or other vessels must report marine incidents or accidents to MAST which may appoint an investigator to prepare an Incident Investigation Report. 

Image: Steamer Santa Rosa wrecked near Point Arguello, California, July 1911, digitised from postcard in the Crowther Library, TAHO


  • Archival records relating to MAST and its predecessor, Navigation and Survey Authority of Tasmania, contain certificates and files relating to slipways located in Tasmania. You will find slipway construction details in these files. Occasionally, the files have reports of incidents such as the "Lella incident" on Triabunna's slipway on 26 October 1988.

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What were the names of the crew of the M.V. Lake Illawarra when it collided with the Tasman Bridge in January 1975?

​​The names of the crew are contained in the Police Investigation file AD889/1/15 and the names of the officers are contained in the Marine Board of Inquiry file AB984/1/1186.

Image: %22Lake Illawarra%22 (photograph) Reference: NS1054-1-78
​​See Court of Inquiry into the Lake Illawarra Collision.

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​Open Tasmanian Archives Online. Type in the words: Lake Illawarra and click on the Search button.