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Do Tasmanian archives hold witness statements about sightings of Tasmanian tigers or thylacines?

Our libraries hold government agency correspondence which may refer to sightings of Tasmanian tigers or Thylacines.

Which agency is likely to have documents about sightings?

The Animals and Birds Protection Board was responsible for the protection, conservation and regulation of the wild birds and animals of the State between 1929 and 1971. After 1971, the National Parks and Wildlife Service took up the responsibility. 

Within the papers of the Parks and Wildlife Board are two files of correspondence relating to the Tasmanian Tiger:- 
 AA612/1/59 H/60/34 Tasmanian Tiger [date range 1928-1967]

Our heritage collection holds books and newspaper items on Tasmanian Tiger sightings. See the Search tips below.

You can read the following online book right now:-

Magnificent Survivor continued existence of the Tasmanian Tiger / by Tigerman.

You can visit our libraries to hear the following CD:-

Tasmanian tiger Thylacinus cynocephalus : alive & well : new taped interviews of genuine sightings since 1980.

This CD was published in 2004.

There is also a film: Find the Tiger - Tasmanian Tiger Sightings.

There is no viewing copy of this item at present. It may be possible to work out a quote and time-frame for supply if required. 

Image: Tasmanian tiger by Louisa A. Meredith.In: Tasmanian friends and foes : feathered, furred and finned P. 65


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