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Displays, exhibitions and noticeboards

Many Libraries and Online Access Centres (OACs) have space where organisations, groups or individuals can display material for general public viewing free of charge.

Library staff post and remove items and maintain the community notices.  Others may not add or remove items.

We do not display

  • Promotion of commercial products or fee-based services by other than not-for-profit group.  Examples: music lessons by local teacher, garage sales etc.
  • Personal notices (they are not community events, and could be a product or service).
    Examples: notices about "rooms to let", private tuition, items for sale.
  • Petitions and surveys.
  • Notices relating to any illegal activity.
  • Material from groups which seek to lobby and exert political influence, advocate
    specific spiritual or political beliefs.
  • Any information or material not suitable for those under 18 years

We may reject materials on grounds of content, format, presentation or space available. Sometimes we have to limit the time or size of items placed on noticeboards due to the space available. Please note the date to place or remove on your item.

Community noticeboards

Our community noticeboards are for not-for-profit groups and individuals to inform the community about local events, activities and meetings. We generally accept a single piece of information such as a flyer or poster if it is information about specific events, activities and meetings to support not-for-profit community groups and organisations. We display community notices on dedicated noticeboards, and not in the surrounding area or throughout the venue.

'Takeaway' information stand and brochure racks

Many library venues have space allocated for miscellaneous community information from not-for-profit associations, local groups and support networks on brochure racks or similar. These might include newsletters, magazines, brochures and flyers. We review our brochure stands at least every three months and remove items that are out of date or of interest to only a small section of the local community.

Display and exhibition spaces

Many library venues have space for community displays or exhibitions with a recreational, learning, cultural or local community focus. Examples include art and craft exhibitions, or information about changes affecting the local community e.g. regional plans etc.

The owner of the information must

  • Book the venue with the local manager
  • set up and removing the display
  • meet the library's safety and insurance requirements.

We may need to view the display material before we allow a display and may remove items if they are inappropriate.