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Filtered website reclassification

Filtering software is used to avoid showing inappropriate content in public places. Sometimes a website can be ​​wrongly classified. Read more about the web filtering policy. 

​To check how a website or URL has been classified, please go to the trusted source website​ and enter the websites URL.

​To change the classification of a website or URL

​1. Go to the trusted source website​, then:

  • Click on the link check single URL
  • In the drop down list, choose McAfee Web Gateway v7 (resident). 
  • Enter your URL in the second box and click check URL
  • The page will display details about the website. Follow the instructions on this page to submit URL for review.​

Reviews of the websites filtering status usually take around two working days to process.

2. If the website/URL remains blocked after 4 working days you can submit the following form. ​