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Meeting rooms at your library

Organisations, groups and individuals can book our meeting rooms.

Find out what rooms there are at your local library or online access centre.


  • must be booked in advance
  • may be booked on an ongoing basis but sometimes we need to cancel bookings.

Booking a meeting room

To book

  • Read and complete the Room Hire Agreement form
  • Return the form to your lo​cal library
  • Staff will confirm your booking, if a room is available.  If, not they will discuss options with you
  • Pay fees when submitting the Room hire form to confirm the booking

You should book at least two weeks before the booking, or eight weeks if the event is outside normal library opening times.

Conditions of use summary​​

Please see the full conditions of use.

  • Your contact person must be 18 years or more and present at your event.
  • Get permission from the library manager if you
    • charge for your event
    • serve alcohol
    • sell items
  • There may be extra costs to use our rooms outside normal opening hours.
  • Sometimes we must cancel a booking due to 
    • competing priorities.
    •  intended use conflicts with the conditions of use
  • Bookings include
    • Tables, chairs and any fixed equipment
    • Kitchen facilities - provide your own supplies.​
  • There may be a fee for additional equipment.
  • Leave the room and kitchen clean and tidy.
  • You are responsible for
    • copyright and licensing
    • attendee behaviour
    • catering
    • obtaining a licence for serving of alcohol, if needed
    • returning keys promptly and securely
    • public liability insurance
    • any injuries or loss
  • Smoking is not allowed.


  • Community or not-for-profit use - we charge cost-recovery char​ges
  • Commercial use –our fees are in line with the Department of Education's Fees and Charges for the use of School Facilities
  • Providing a service for the community in line with our goals  – contact your local library to see if fees apply

​Community rate

​Commercial rate

Small room (seats up to 8)​​

​per hour ​$6 ​$15
​per half day ​$20 ​$45
​per day ​$35 ​$80

Medium room (seats up to 25) ​

​per hour ​$11 ​$26
​per half day ​$31 ​$72
​per day ​$52 ​$129

​​Large room​ (Seats more than 25) Only available at some sites

​per hour ​$21 ​$42
​per half day ​$62 ​$165
​per day ​$103 ​$258

Contact your local library or online access centre for more information.


Some libraries have equipment for hire. Please ask your local library or online access centre when you book.  Equipment can include:

  • overhead projectors
  • electronic whiteboards
  • flipcharts
  • projection screens
  • transparency projectors
  • DVD players + TV