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Volunteer with us

Our Volunteer Program offers a volunteer-friendly environment where volunteers work alongside and are supported by paid staff to value-add to our collections, services and programs.

Volunteers provide support in a range of our services and programs.  Roles include home library service couriers, literacy tutors, learning mentors, assistance with preservation and access to our unique archival and heritage collections, and general volunteers. 

Our volunteer framework provides our volunteering objectives.

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Adult learning mentors

Adult learning mentors work with our clients, one on one or in small groups to support their learning.

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Adult literacy tutors

Adult literacy tutors provide literacy and numeracy support, contributing to the state-wide 26TEN strategy to raise adult literacy and numeracy levels.

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Home library service couriers

Home library service couriers support the delivery and return of library items for community members who are housebound and unable to attend the library.

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Programs and services support volunteers

Programs and service support volunteers are involved in various activities that enhance our programs and services, such as IT or family history help, childrens activities, administration, displays and events

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State Library and Archive Service volunteers

State Library and Archive Service volunteers assist staff with collection work, such as data entry and preservation, customer service and IT help.

You can also help to index or transcribe our collections so everyone can access them.

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Volunteer online

Work with Tasmania’s history. Help us index or transcribe our collections so everyone can access them. You can do as much or as little as you like and at a time and place that suits you.

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Interested in volunteering? Ask us!
Exit survey for recent volunteers
All our volunteers need to have a Registration for Working Vulnerable People