Access information online

Access indexes, databases, full-text journal and newspaper articles online and free of charge using your membership login.

Can I search from home?

Yes, you can access most of our online information resources from any computer if you are a library member. Not a member? Join!

Visit us to access

  • CD-ROMs
  • Ancestry Library Edition
  • FindMyPast
  • Emerald Management ejournals

How do I logon from home?

  • Navigate to the resource via our catalogue or the website
  • Click on its title to get to the logon screen
  • Enter your library card barcode number and the password (usually your phone number)
  • Click on "submit" to open

I have logged on from home but can't proceed due to an error message. Why?

Is the eresource available from home?

There are some resources that can only be accessed from within library buildings. Find the item in our catalogue for more details.

Has your library card expired?

If you haven't used your library card recently, it may have expired. Check its currency with your local library.

Are you using the correct phone number or password?

Enter the number without the 03 prefix and without spaces. If you are not sure what number to use, check with your local library.

Your l​ibrary card is current, your phone number is correct but you still have problems.

Try clearing your web browser's cache. See instructions.

If this does not work, please contact us.