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Access today's news online and newspapers from Tasmania, Australia and overseas. 

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PressReader - read newspapers onlinePressReader

Current digital copies of today's newspapers and magazines. Includes The Guardian Australia and The Saturday Paper, plus many more national and international titles. 

The A​ge and The Sydney ​Morning Herald​ newspapers are available through the Fairfax Media Library.

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Newsbank - Fulltext articles from over 100 Australian newspapersNewsBank

Full-text content of over 500 local, regional, national and international newspapers, including The Mercury, The Australian and the Herald Sun​​.

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Full-text newspapers

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Others available online

  • Newspapers (Overseas) - offers historical newspaper databases accessible by obtaining a library card from the National Library of Australia.
  • UK Gazette Archives - the official gazette for the UK.
  • The New York Times - index to articles from 1851 to the present, plus limited access to full text articles.

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Broadcast news online

  • ABC News - Australia's national broadcasting service
  • SBS World News - world news from Australia's Special Broadcasting Service
  • BBC News - News from the British Broadcasting Service
  • CNN - American news service offering US and world news

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