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For parents

Membership & borrowing

Children can join and get a library card from birth. LINC Tasmania has a great range of items to borrow, including books, magazines, DVDs and more. See more about borrowing.

Kid's events

See what Kid's events​ we have.​ Weekly sessions include:  

  • Rock & Rhyme is a FREE 30 minute session of rhyme, rhythm and fun for children from birth to 2 years
  • Storytime is a FREE 30 minute session, packed with stories, rhymes and action songs for children aged 2-5 years

Choosing books for kids

We have books for children of all ages. Visit your nearest LINC or library to browse or explore kids' reading online​. Our staff can help you choose books to suit your child's age, ability and interests.

Visit these sites for more reading suggestions for children:

Online resources

  • LiteracyPlanet has over 10,000 online literacy activities for children of all ages and abilities. Activities focus on pre-reading skills, phonics, reading, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and comprehension in a fun, exciting and safe online environment
  • The Little Big Book Club promotes reading, book discussion and Australian writers and illustrators that are suitable for children aged 0-5 years

Parenting resources

We have a wide range of items about parenting to borrow. Search our catalogue at the top right of this page, or choose one of these popular topics:

For online parenting information, visit:

Being safe online

Find out how to keep your family online safe at Cybersmart.

Parents are responsible for kids using LINC services

Unattended and lost children

Parents and carers are responsible for supervising their child. LINC staff cannot care for or supervise a child left unattended.  If a child is unattended or lost, LINC staff will try to contact the parent or carer. If a child is unattended at closing time, staff will try to find the parent or carer before notifying police.  A staff member will remain with the child until collected.

Allergy awareness

If your child suffers from severe allergic reactions and is attending one of our events, please talk with LINC staff before the event. We can ask others not to offer or share food. Note LINC staff cannot monitor this.  Parents and carers are responsible for supervising their children.