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Oct 23
Awards for Excellence recognises LINC Tasmania staff

​We have some incredible people and teams working around the state, so it was great to see some of them being recognised at the Department of Education's Awards for Excellence night last Friday.

Three LINC Tasmania staff were named as finalists in the LINC Tasmania Employee of the Year category

  • TIRS staff member Sandra Harris
  • TAHO's Jill Waters and
  • overall winner, Burnie LINC's Ellen Lamb,

The Glenorchy LINC team were finalists in the overall Outstanding Team of the Year category for their very successful Makerspace project.

The names of all the winners are on the DoE website.

Oct 23
Highlighting family literacy during 26TEN week

This week is 26TEN Week, and it marks 26TEN's fifth birthday. To celebrate, members around the state are holding events to highlight the role that parents and carers play.

LINC Tasmania's dual role as host and member

As you are no doubt aware, LINC Tasmania has a dual role with 26TEN:

  1. We host the 26TEN team and share facilities, resources, knowledge, support and friendships. Our literacy program is part of the statewide effort to lift literacy and numeracy. More generally, LINC staff raise awareness of literacy issues and connect Tasmanians with the services they need or want.
  2. LINC Tasmania is also a key member of 26TEN. We have our own 26TEN action plan, which includes all staff participating in literacy awareness and plain English workshops. Earlier this month, all staff were issued with a Plain English Guide and Tools to ensure we all communicate clearly, and I encourage you to use this as a great writing tool.

LINCs joining with 26TEN members to promote family literacy

I know many of you have joined with other organisations that support children, parents and carers, such as schools, childcare centres and local councils to celebrate 26TEN Week. Over 40 organisations are involved in about 80 different activities. This is a great way to promote what we do, and to let people know we are helping adults build their reading, writing and maths skills so all parents can play a vital role in their own children's learning.

We look forward to hearing all about your events – and happy birthday 26TEN!

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